Building an effective landing page, one that delivers conversions, comes down to a precise science. The way the page is laid out, the way the copy reads and what information is included on the page all play an important role for converting the reader into a prospective customer.

Page Layout

When creating your landing page, try and focus on including everything you need readers to see, before the fold. What that means is, many readers won’t scroll down to look for a form they can fill out for you to contact them. They’ll briefly scan the page for the information they’re after, and then they’ll move on. This study, by Nielsen Norman Group, uses heatmaps to detect where most people are looking when they visit a webpage, and the further down the page you go, the less heat you see on the images. Keep your most important, hard-hitting content at the top!

When creating the layout for your landing page, you also want to remember that when it comes to design, less is more. You want a hero image (the biggest featured picture) to be front and center, and you want it to be the best picture of your product or service. It could also be a video, demonstrating the use of your product or service.

Copywriting & Content Tips

Your headline should match whatever link was clicked to direct the reader to your landing page, and then there should be a sub header that further describes your product or service. Utilize bullet points or a numbered list to lay out a few benefits and then present your call to action. If you are building a long landing page, most marketers would recommend repeating your call to action throughout your content.

When writing your call to action (CTA), which will likely be included in your contact form, be choosy about your wording. A great way to get more clicks is to write a CTA that offers an exciting benefit, rather than something vague. For example, when you fill out a contact form for a new product or service, you’ll find that it typically says “Get Started.” But, isn’t it more exciting if that submit button says, “Show me my options,” or “Get a free quote”? Consider more active wording like this when coming up with your own copy.

Building an Effective Landing Page

These tips skim the surface of the more in-depth science of building an effective landing page, but they are an important place to start. You can get into other ideas, such as featuring great reviews and testimonials (84% of people trust reviews as much as they trust a friend’s recommendation), or focusing on the psychology of color (spoiler alert: everybody loves blue), but first start with page layout and copy, then go from there.

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