In 2021, it’s hard to attract new customers organically if your content is buried deep in Google search results due to a poor SEO ranking. Luckily, there are a few strategies you can implement to boost traffic on your business’ site, and watch your search engine ranking climb as a result. In this blog we’ll focus on four creative ways to boost your search engine ranking with backlinks.

What are Backlinks?

A backlink is a hyperlink on another website that leads to your own website. While this is a simple definition, actually earning backlinks isn’t always so easy. You could always hire an SEO expert, but these tips are completely free and genuinely work!

Create Quality Content

When you publish expert level content to your own site, you give content creators the opportunity to refer to that content with hyperlinks. You’ll want to be sure to keep your blog updated frequently to maximize your chances of being backlinked, as the best content creators are looking for valuable, actionable, and relevant information exclusively.

Guest Posting

Posting your own content on someone else’s site may feel like giving content away, but this is a viable strategy to boost your SEO ranking. The key is to find authoritative sources within your industry that welcome guest posting. Your submissions will be published to their site and punctuated with credit to you and your business via hyperlink at the end. This method will get your name out there as an influencer within your industry and will help you stock up on legitimate backlinks. Start this process today by simply Googling, “[Your industry] guest post”.


Testimonial pages are commonly included on websites to establish legitimacy and trust with a brand’s audience. Have you recently worked with any businesses or purchased any products that you can stand behind? If so, consider sharing a testimonial! The business in question will likely want to prove that their reviews are genuine and providing a link to your site will be a great way to signal that you are indeed a real person.

Broken Links

Have you ever visited a blog and clicked one of its links only to be brough to a 404 error? This happens for a variety of reasons. Websites get renamed or taken down entirely all the time, and most people don’t have time to circle back and ensure all the links in their blogs still work. That’s why we recommend trying a browser extension like Check My Links. Once you have it activated, simply head to authoritative sources within your industry and let the app determine whether any dead links are present. Your goal is to find dead links that were designed to link to a topic your own website has covered. Then, you can be a hero and notify the business of the dead link and provide your own content as a recommended substitution.

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